SPD Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction and
PGP Pelvic Girdle Pain in Pregnancy

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Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction - Pelvis
Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction: a practical approach to management and treatment
Pelvic Girdle Pain: A natural self help treatment to ease pelvic pain in pregnancy
Pelvic Girdle Pain - Pelvis

   SPD/PGP Training Opportunity for Professionals   
Are you looking to further develop your professional expertise by including a way to treat SPD/PGP in your practice? Midwives, Doulas/Birth Partners, Nurses, Physiotherapists, or any other professionals who regularly treat during pregnancy are welcome to come to The Haven Healing Centre to learn how to provide this valuable skill.
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Booking Page and Available Dates

How do I book my appointment to come and see you?
First of all either or call this number: 01934 740275.

Husbands, you can do this too. I know, when you see your wife in this much pain, you become deadly serious about finding help for her. It's only then do you realize how little help their actually is, and that's when you start digging. It's incredible isn't it, in this day and age, the best we can do for SPD is crutches, drugs or the general advice of just stop moving altogether?

I'm right aren't I? Was that what you've been offered? That's how you found your way here and why you're reading this, right?

Visit the contact page to find out my location in relation to yours. Then figure out how you can get here. A pregnant woman surfing the internet for SPD information If you live nearby, we can do this over a couple of weeks. Increasingly, I'm finding people are deciding to travel here from large distances, by car, train and plane, and spending the half day or so it takes to learn this.

Once we've pencilled a date in the diary, I will send you the account details so you can BACS over the fee. Alternatively, you can send a cheque in the post to the address below.

How much is the SPD/PGP treatment training and how long does it take?
SPECIAL OFFER for 2020-2021: Includes a free copy of the manual

Just 99.00 per couple, including a copy of the training manual.

To take advantage of this offer please email or call the number below, thank you.

You will need to set aside either the whole morning or afternoon up to a maximum of about 3.5hrs.

Your fee includes:
  • The SPD treatment manual
  • The initial consultation
  • Medical history and discussion about SPD/PGP
  • Diet - exercise - work - homelife - sleep patterns etc.
  • The treatment of you, by me (the extended version, with commentary), to allow your partner to make notes, diagrams, ask questions, and learn every aspect of the treatment from start to finish
  • A practice session. The trainee practices on themselves, and demonstrates they understand what to do, with extra coaching if necessary, until they are confident and conversant with the procedure to practice on you
  • A second demonstration, when needed, to ensure a thorough and effective learning response
  • Final briefing, followed by questions and answers, and any necessary aftercare advice
  • Before you leave, you will have chance to check over your notes so that you have a fully detailed treatment plan to take home and continue this work until you recover
  • I seriously believe this treatment training is exceptional value for money. Where else can you learn a new skill from start to finish for this price? Even an initial consultation with a specialist or consultant costs more than this. And they can't tell you anymore than you will learn on this website.
Okay, I'm good to go, what do I do next?
First call me on 01934 740275 or 07748 986 190 and tell me you want to start this program, so that we can get a possible date in the diary. Then you send your cheque for the fee, or arrange a direct bank transfer. Then you need to plan how you will get here. Vehicle mileage and fuel costs can be worked out on Google Earth. I look forward to welcoming you soon to The Haven Healing Centre where we can start the process of your recovery from Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction.

Cheques (to Philip Chave) or direct bank transfer (BACS) are required at the time of booking (details on request)

How to pay for your booking by   Royal Mail  
Many people still prefer to use the post and so I am happy to receive a UK cheque (payable to "Philip Chave").
Please send it to: The Orchard, Draycott Rd, Cheddar, Somerset, BS27 3RU.

Don't forget to include your return address, telephone, and also your email address. Expect a short delay while your cheque clears. Thank You.

Will this qualify me to treat other people in a therapeutic setting?
No! Definitely not! When you come with your partner, your treatment will be specifically designed to be used on you, and you alone. The training of your partner will be specific to your needs (which will be different to the needs of someone else with SPD). You see, I will have gone through with you, your history, lifestyle, medical questionnaire, A pregnant woman with her young son hugging mummy's tummy the possible contraindications that are specific to you, and any other information that is necessary to safely complete your treatment. So, please only enter into this with a view to performing the treatment program on the person for whom it was designed. Thank you.

What if my wife/partner gets pregnant again?
Will I have to come back and do this all over again?

Not at all, your one time training and your treatment procedure manual will ensure you are able to deal with this problem again with expert skill, should any future pregnancy cause your wife/parther to go through this same problem again next time.

It's not unusual for SPD to recur in subsequent pregnancies, sometimes worse, sometimes not so bad, but whatever happens, one thing is certain; Your dear wife will be mighty glad to have you there, and know that you have had the foresight to learn this technique, believe me!

Any questions or problems to clear up before you make your purchase, please contact me by:

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