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Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction - Pelvis
Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction: a practical approach to management and treatment
Pelvic Girdle Pain: A natural self help treatment to ease pelvic pain in pregnancy
Pelvic Girdle Pain - Pelvis

The SPD/PGP Treatment Training Manual

The SPD Training Manual - illustration only Why do I need one of these manuals?
In all honesty, you probably don't, because I will be showing and teaching you, step-by-step, exactly how to perform this procedure, sufficiently that you will be very confident to do it yourself whenever you are called upon to help your partner.

However, here's why you might want to have the manual. Let me briefly tell you about how we got to the position of creating a treatment manual at all.

Previously, the idea was pregnant women came to The Haven Healing Centre, had their treatments, went home, and that was it, job done. But we are talking about perhaps, several visits over several weeks, and if distance was an issue, it became costly, both in time and travel expenses, to keep making the same journey.

Then I started to encourage ladies to bring their other halves so that I could teach the husband/partner what to do over two or three visits. I would encourage them to make notes, do drawings and then practice, with me overseeing the treatment. That way, they could build up the confidence, over time, to treat their wives out of the pain of SPD, STRAIGHT AWAY, WHEN IT WAS NEEDED, and not, several days later, when they managed to get an appointment to come and see me.

It was the successes of these treatments that made me want to share this, and it was at this point that the article for SPD went online. It was like opening the floodgates. I started getting calls from all over the country, and, from people willing to travel. That was when I put together the training package I use now to show the men, how to help their ladies.

The advice I gave, back then, was to bring a notepad and make copious notes and diagrams. I know from personal experience that this method is one of the quickest ways of learning anything new. Whilst I was aware that it was taking up a lot of time, I felt that the focus of the mind meant husbands were really getting to grips with this, fundamentally and quickly. I didn't want people to just have the manual and not take the training that it was designed to show. But even so, a manual was needed so I could concentrate on the demonstrations, and not waste time overseeing the note taking.

So now there is a manual to go with the treatments. You get this free to take away with you when the day is over. Just as a reminder, you understand, in case you forget anything. This makes the practical training much easier and you get a more thorough understanding of the procedures and an insight into the benefits.

Remember: The manual is not designed to replace practical hands-on training and learning, but to augment it.

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