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Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction - Pelvis
Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction: a practical approach to management and treatment
Pelvic Girdle Pain: A natural self help treatment to ease pelvic pain in pregnancy
Pelvic Girdle Pain - Pelvis

Professional Training in the SPD/PGP Technique

NEW! Midwife training for SPD/PGP relief.

This SPD and PGP treatment program can be used in your practice, during home visits, or in hospital, to enhance the results you are already getting with your established SPD/PGP treatments. Midwives, Doulas/Birth Partners, Maternity Nurses, Physiotherapists are welcome to apply.

If you have never heard of the SPD treatment program before, you are not alone. However, here at The Haven Healing Centre, it is a rapidly growing healing practice in pregnancy and beyond, that incorporates everything you have already learned in your own practice, and now applying that knowledge, plus some small additions, to the problems of SPD and PGP. Until now, it has been private couples, husbands and wives, that have shown the way, and allowed this treatment to gain momentum.

Midwife talking to a pregnant woman Midwife talking to a pregnant woman But now, I am pleased to announce, because of the amazing number of enquiries, and interest, coming from private midwives, and other health professionals, who want to know more about how this works, I have decided to offer the same training and techniques, to them, to use in practice, for the benefit of their patients.

The SPD and PGP treatment program is a half day introduction to this system, and you will learn everything you need to know about what this practical approach can do for your clients. You will be able to incorporate these fundamental techniques into your practice immediately and start making that vital difference right from day 1.

You'll find the benefits will apply to all ages, and all stages of pregnancy, whether the SPD is early onset or late, you can confidently apply this technique whenever the need arises. You will even be able to show your patients husband/partner how to do it and get them onboard.

Although, you probably won't have much trouble there. I'm sure you will have seen the state they get in when their wives are in terrible pain. They will do anything, learn anything, to help out. And why not? Men like to do good by their wives, don't they? You've only got to see the look on their faces when they train here and pull thier wives out of pain. Their chest puffs up, head up, they beam with satisfaction, and you just know the single thought going through their head is, 'I did that!!'

I'm so glad you got this far. You will be providing a service to many women who have given up all hope of a solution. The potential for this is enormous, both in providing benefits to your patients, as well as developing your own career with confident new skills.

If you have any questions at all about the SPD and PGP treatment training day, please do not hesitate to contact me; my email details are below. But in the meantime, I will try to anticipate any questions, and answer them for you below.

How much does the training cost?
One to One training = 145.00. You will need to bring someone to work on, but they don't need to be pregnant at the time. However, if they are, and suffering at all with PGP, you will be able to see the results of your work immediately. I can't imagine anything convincing you you've done the right thing more than that!

Two Professionals or more = 99.00 each. As both parties are professional colleagues, you can (if appropriate) work on each other to get a good feel for the treatment. The feedback tends to be more insightful from professional colleagues. Otherwise, you will need to being someone who is willing to be worked on for the duration. The Training Manual and Certificate

Why not get together with another professional in your practice, or area, and block book? The benefits are that you will probably know each other and learn lots more in a shorter time and also you can share any travelling expenses to keep the costs down.

In all the above cases, I will provide all refreshments and lunch (sandwiches and fresh salad/fruit, drinks). Parking space here is abundant.

All trainee's receive a treatment manual and a personalized certificate of completion.

How long does it take to learn?
Allow 4 to 5 hours, and slightly longer as numbers increase. It's not a difficult treatment to master, but it does require a degree of precision in delivery. However, I am certain that because of your detailed backgrounds in anatomy and body mechanics, you will pick this up with no difficulty what-so-ever, and you'll even enjoy the sense of excitement that comes from having something this powerful at your fingertips.

Midwife holding a new born baby Midwife showing a new born baby Are there any risks to the patient or the baby?
Absolutely none! Sometimes if the couple arrive here with the wife using crutches or in a wheelchair, manoeuvering her onto the couch can be a bit of a struggle, expecially if she is around 30 weeks or so, but we soon find her a comfortable position so that the work can begin.

By the time we finish, ladies often get off the couch with very little discomfort, and more often than not, walk back to the car unaided. Sometimes this is a bit of bravado, but they leave here with hope, and that is a big step toward full recovery in my book, so whilst I don't encourage it, I don't discourage it either.

The treatment itself is very gentle, with tiny, pre-planned movements, so it is not invasive, or massively manipulative. Just gentle, persistent persuasion.

Will I receive a certificate for my portfolio?
Yes, everyone who is deemed confident to deliver this treatment following their day of training, and moving forward in their own practice, will receive a personalized certificate, with their name, details of the course, signed by myself and dated on the day of training. In addition, you will have a colour copy of the training manual, with photographs and detailed instructions on how to perform the treatment, so that you have a reference source, for future use, should you require it.

Thank you for your interest in this SPD/PGP training program, I would love to have you join me! Please feel free to share this with anyone else who may be interested. Thank you again. Phil

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