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Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction - Pelvis
Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction: a practical approach to management and treatment
Pelvic Girdle Pain: A natural self help treatment to ease pelvic pain in pregnancy
Pelvic Girdle Pain - Pelvis


Here is what some people have said:
  •   Dear Phil,
    I just wanted to write to express our great thanks to you following our Spinal Touch therapy session this morning. Thank you is such a small word and cannot really do justice to the debt of gratitude which we both owe you. I realise that we have only had one session but after we left your home we stopped for lunch and noticed some immediate results! Normally, Sophie has great pain getting both in and out of the car. I am very happy to report that she was able to get in and ouf of the car with much reduced pain.
    I did another therapy session with Sophie soon after we arrived home using my notes and your diagrams (thanks for those!) and amazingly Sophie managed to walk back down the stairs in a normal fashion with NO PAIN !!! Sophie also reports that getting up and down from a seated position (the sofa) is also with much reduced pain.
    If this is after only our session this morning and one session this afternoon then I cannot wait to see what the coming days hold! We are both overjoyed and will continue to do this (at a minimum) once a day but more often if we can.
    It was a great pleasure to meet you and your lovely wife today. We will certainly be 'shouting from the rooftops' about Spinal Touch from now on!! All the best, Nick & Sophie Nick and Sophie - Swindon, UK  

    • Reply from Phil: Dear Nick and Sophie, You did such a great job Nick of picking up even the most difficult nuances of the procedure, you made it very easy for me. So well done! Sophie will be the winner for that.
      Thank you for your very kind comments, it was a pleasure to meet you both, and we both wish you all the very best for your life together with your new family addition. I will be very interested in Sophie's comfort levels overnight. In addition to your observations about Sophie's daytime activity, I feel that the overnight test is really important.
      There is so much more to do in getting the word out there, and sometimes it feels like a big hill to climb when you are the only one beating the drum, so I am very grateful for your comment about 'shouting from the rooftops' and for letting me reprint your letter. The more people that come and learn this, the greater the wave, and speed of change.
      Sophie, I very much hope that you see more and more improvement, day by day. I'm sure there is a cumulative effect to the treatments, but I equally hope that you don't need them at all very soon, and things start to improve for you. Good luck to you both. Best wishes, Phil and Jill

  • Another letter from Nick and Sophie  Dear Phil,
    We would be more than happy for you to use our comments on your website. One thing I would say though is that I was very sceptical at first - even though the site makes complete sense to me (!) - it was because of the unknown element for me. It would have been great to speak with someone who had undergone treatment because of the conflicting advice given from mainstream medical services i.e. nothing you can do about it, just put up with it and manage it etc. etc. With this in mind, I would be happy for you to pass on my email to anyone who is having trouble getting their head around the concept so I can tell them of our successes if you feel that would help.
    You asked about Sophie's comfort levels overnight. I am very happy to report that Sophie slept the night through apart from the usual getting up for the loo which many pregnant women are tormented by anyway! She went right back to sleep though - something she hasn't done in weeks because of the pain! I did another ST session before bed last night and consequently we went to bed fairly late. This morning, Sophie was able to get up from bed unassisted, whereas usually if I'm here, I have to support her so that she can pull herself up. Bending to put slippers on was no real issue. There is some pain this morning in her lower back but this has at least halved from levels prior to treatment. There is minor pain in the pelvis when she stood up but again this is vastly reduced and nowhere near what it was like. Sophie was able to walk downstairs normally this morning.
    Last night we took a walk around the local shop which would have normally required crutches but she was able to do without. She was also able to sit in a chair and watch a bit of TV and have a chat whereas recently she has taken to her bed because laying flat was the only way she could get any level of comfort.
    Again Phil, we cannot thank you enough. This is nothing short of marvellous! I am also a little cross with the advice we have been given by our GP/Midwife/Physio - all of whom are lovely people, but, if this is all it has taken, why oh why has Sophie had to endure this torture for the last 10 weeks?
    Sophie now has no need for pain killers or crutches - I found that claim on your site hard to believe but we are living proof of this. I realise it is early days but I certainly believe in the power of the cumulative effects of this treatment which you talk of and so it is easy for me to say that this situation is only going to get better.
    All the best, Nick & Sophie Nick and Sophie - Swindon, UK  

  •   During the early stages of my first pregnancy, I think at about 16 weeks, I started experiencing symptoms of SPD. I mentioned the symptoms and pain to my doctor who quickly dismissed the pain as just part of being pregnant. The pain was getting worse and worse and most days it was excruciatingly painful to move and I then discovered resting made things worse so it seemed I was destined to months of pain.
    Pregnant woman in no pain                                    
    Having done my own internet research I self diagnosed myself as suffering from SPD. I found some websites based in New Zealand to be the most useful giving some helpful suggestions to help for day to day activities and I ordered a 'Smiley Belt' to wear to help support me. Eventually, after badgering the midwives I received a referral to a physiotherapist and had two sessions with her, but it was at about 30 weeks pregnancy by that stage and may have been too little too late.
    Luckily, I was already seeing Phil to help me with my back pain by my second pregnancy and his simple and very effective technique meant my SPD was no way as painful and debilitating as during my first pregnancy. Phil taught my husband how to do the procedure so in between my monthly appointments he could help me too. During my third pregnancy the symptoms came earlier but again with Phil's help the SPD was kept at bay and I even ditched the awfully unflattering and, in summer, very hot and sticky support belt.
    More people suffering from SPD NEED to know about the procedure Phil has perfected and be able to benefit as I have done. Everyday movement that you take for granted unless you experience SPD can carry on as normal with Phil's help. Worth every penny and more! Sarah-Jane - North Somerset, UK  

A very special thank you to Nick, Sophie, Sarah-Jane and Dan, for allowing me to reprint their comments here. Phil

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